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D&D 5e - The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons

D&D 5e - The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons

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This lavishly illustrated guide shows the variety of fantastic dragons you will encounter in the worlds of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS®. The extraordinary wizard Sindri Suncatcher shares his personal notebooks to reveal his knowledge of these magnificent creatures, from the life cycle of a friendly copper dragon to the best way to counter the fiery breath of a red dragon.

With tips on everything from fighting dragons to riding them, the practically complete guide to dragons offers a wealth of insight into the world's most awe-inspiring creatures. Details the appearance, abilities, habits, dens and treasures of ten dragon species, and annotated with Sindri's personal observations and experiences, this wonderful book will inspire endless adventures in the imagination.

The Virtually Complete Guide to Dragons combines the very best content from three classic bestsellers: A Practical Guide to Dragons, A Practical Guide to Dragon Riding, and a Practical Guide to Dragon Magic. Fully updated with the latest knowledge, this must-have book contains everything new adventurers need to know about the most iconic fantasy monsters!

*The ultimate dragon lover's guide: part field guide, part illustrated storybook. A Practically Complete Guide to Dragons is a trusted resource for dragon lovers of all ages, combining the best content from previous installments in the Practical Guides series.
*Undiscovered Knowledge: Taken from the personal notebooks of wizard Sindri Suncatcher, this book offers fans a deep dive into the magnificence and lore of D&D's most amazing creatures.
*The Beginning of a Lifetime Adventure: This is where your mystical journey begins. Delight young dragon lovers and inspire a lifelong love of adventure with this magical book.
*Inspiration for Dungeon Masters: Both new and experienced Dungeon Masters will find a wealth of knowledge in this book. Each page is filled with extraordinary dragon lore that Dungeon Masters can use to enrich their D&D campaigns.
* Richly illustrated: See majestic art on every page, drawn by some of today's most beloved fantasy artists!
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