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D&D Dungeon Master's Screen - Reincarnated

D&D Dungeon Master's Screen - Reincarnated

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Lead the game with this handy tool for the most popular role-playing game! On the outside; an image by Tyler Jacobson of a gigantic red dragon with an unfortunate victim in its claws, printed as a panoramic print on four horizontal panels of sturdy cardboard.

On the inside; handy tables to quickly look up the most used rules of D&D 5e. Thanks to player feedback, this version has been improved over previous versions.

Thanks to the landscape panels, the screen is about 22 cm high, making it easy to reach over while keeping your throws and notes out of view of the players. All in all, an excellent tool to give your players the best adventures.

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D&D Dungeon Master's Screen - Reincarnated

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