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D&D Rime of the Frostmaiden - Dice & Miscellany

D&D Rime of the Frostmaiden - Dice & Miscellany

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premium dice for 's-world's largest role play.

Are you an expedition to Icewind Dale on the rope on the rope to make? Prepare for a cold reception with this set.

contains an extensive set of 11 dice (2D20, 1D12, 2D10, 1D8, 4D6 and 1D4). The dice are almost black, translucent with blue-green glitter that occasionally comes over a purple hint, with silver-colored numbers. Strangely enough, Wizards of the Coast has chosen not to add D/00 (10-sided with the numbers 00-90).

Furthermore, the set contains a lined box that can also be used as a dice box , 20 two-sided maps in which Drizzt Do'urden will familiarize you with Icewind Dale, and a double-sided map of IceWind Dale and the settlements of Ten-Towns.
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