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Marilith - Nolzur's

Marilith - Nolzur's

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Mariliths are a kind of powerful Tanar'ri demon. They act as the tactics of Abyssal Hordes, advisers of demonic nobility, and in some cases as serpentine demon queens. From the waist, Mariliths seem attractive humanoid women with six arms, but their lower halves are those of gigantic, green snakes. In every hand they wear decorated weapons and they hend with bracelets and jewelry.

Mariliths are very intelligent beings with a good sense of tactics, a dominant and bad personality, and the rare capacity to demons the actions of demons Unite and coordinate. Whether it is because of disciplinary control or oppression of their natural instincts, they can predict the actions of the law despite the fact that they do not really understand them to get the Baatzu out of it. In the eyes of most Mariliths, subtle temptation is only a funny game compared to real war planning. They are proud of their martial arts and tactical superiority and often keep the weapons of their defeated enemies as trophies. Their weapons are among their most cherished assets and if they are stolen, they would take extreme measures to get them back.
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Marilith - Nolzur's

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