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Carrion Crawler - Nolzur's

Carrion Crawler - Nolzur's

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Beautiful resin miniatures of the Wizkids line Nolzur's Marvelous miniatures
A Carrion Crawler is a barking aberration that cleans up the dead and occasionally astonishes for living things. Like gigantic, toothed centipedes in appearance, they are often accompanied by the dirty scent of death, which warns others about their approach.

Although their origin is ultimately in the Far Realm, many people thought, and that is indeed possible that Carrion Crawlers were created by experiments from a crazy wizard.

Crawlers have eight long tentacles that protrude from the sides of their heads, so that they can numb their prey. They also have two harvest stems, so they can even observe their environment in the darkest caves. Moreover, they have a strongly developed sense of smell.
1inch base for size, miniatures come with a base layer and are ready to be dyed.

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Carrion Crawler - Nolzur's

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