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Wererat and Weretiger - Nolzur's

Wererat and Weretiger - Nolzur's

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A Wererat in humanoid form is usually a thin, tough person with a shorter than average length. The eyes constantly shoot around and the nose and mouth can vibrate as if he or she is excited. Males often have thin, ragged mustaches. The animal form of a Wererat is that of a terrible rat of two feet from nose to tail. In hybrid form, the Wererat is shorter than in its human form and his head, trunk and tail are those of a rat, while the limbs look a little more human. A Wererat never lives alone if they can do anything about it, although they do not tend to build strong interpersonal relationships that go beyond a mentality. Love and marriage are almost strange concepts for them. They love to set up their superior cunning for superficial residents, since they see the cities above their cave as hunting areas where they can steal food and wealth by killing the residents in an almost parasitic way.
< BR> SHRIGHTERS IN HUMANOUD FORM are generally tightly muscular, longer than average and very agile. They do not often wear clothing that goes beyond jewelry because they are even covered in 'human' shape with tiger -like fur. Sweetigers are usually feminine and often hide from civilized society, taking the role of witches or hermits in the wild. Many pitchers take the time to learn magical arts to improve this façade. Unfortunately, this means that the Lycanthrope is confused with a Rakshasa. Wetiger-proud or families were often found in the jungles. Although most of them are lonely and avoid contact, a few bad swet-tigers see explorers as a kind of sport to hunt, what they do by acting as normal people to lure people in their fall. This is considered justified by them because they think it is terrible that people plunder their country.

1 inch basis for scale, miniature is ready to paint immediately

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Wererat and Weretiger - Nolzur's

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