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Animal Adventures: Cats & Catacombs - Cats of Gullet Cove

Animal Adventures: Cats & Catacombs - Cats of Gullet Cove

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Spring on your next adventure as an intelligent feline full of character! These enchanting cats are compatible with the fifth edition and can be used on the table in any role play campaign. From a Persian wizard to a Tabby villain, every cat is lovingly designed and is assigned a fantasy class. Now they are ready to join your adventurer's party as player players, companions or familiars!

In this box you will find five fully assembled miniatures, ready to paint or play. With these charming friends you can explore the world of Animal Adventures with the Secrets of Gullet Cove Sourcebook, or play as an intelligent cat in a fantasy campaign. The only limitation is your imagination!


eduardo, the shrewd Tabby-Schurk
Coral, the thoughtful Savannah-wizard
Denira, the ingenious Persian wizard
McCoy, the gray Norwegian Boskat-Boswachter
Pearl, the friendly turtle wizard
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