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Animal Adventures: Cats & Catacombs - Dogs of Gullet Cove

Animal Adventures: Cats & Catacombs - Dogs of Gullet Cove

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Start your next adventure as an intelligent dog full of character! These cute dogs are compatible with the fifth edition and can be used in any Roleplaying campaign on the table. From a Labrador-croher to a shepherd dog-spiritual, every puppy is lovingly designed and assigned to a fantasy class. Now they are ready to join your adventure company as player players, companions or familiars!

In this box you will find five fully assembled miniatures, ready to paint or play. With these loyal friends you can explore the Animal Adventures world with the Secrets of Gullet Cove Sourcebook, or play as an intelligent dog in a fantasy campaign. The only limitation is your imagination!


Luna, the thoughtful Labrador-crohered
Bartolomy, the gloomy Basset Hound-Bard
Zoe, the unwavering spirit of the shepherd dog
Roger, the exuberant Bull Terrier fighter
Reximus, the reputable Dobermann-Paladijn
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