The Hoard of X

The Hoard of X

Hi, I'm X. And I'm a dice hoarder.

My hoard is in the thousands - close to 7000 at the time of writing, and growing.

Why did I collect that many? Well, to answer that question I'll need to divide my hoard into sections and explain for each of them. Though the overarching reason is 'I just think they're neat'. Polyhedral dice are my special interest.

Hoard the first is Character Pouches, the dice I actually use. Each RPG character gets a pouch of dice, either chosen from my existing stash or bought especially to match that character. The biggest, fullest, most bloated pouch there is my Dungeon Master pouch, filled with every full set of Chessex' Speckled dice I could get my hands on, since my first sets were those as well.

That segues nicely to my second hoard: the Stash. These are sets of dice I liked and bought, mostly at conventions. One specific part is dice from various brands and factories, to help identification later on. They're mostly stored in tackle boxes, but some are on display for when I need a quick boost of happiness.

Third is the Cabinet of Curiosities. This has lots of single dice in it, dice which have a twist of sorts. These include interesting factory defects, promotional dice, cool spindowns, or dice made of an unusual material. There's an ancient, shrunken nitrocellulose casino die, a Möbius strip d1, an unpolished, unpainted opaque Chessex die, forged steel dice, bone dice, and so on.

Fourth is my Swap Stash: incomplete sets and singles of out of print (OOP) dice, to swap with other collectors, in order to hopefully match together complete sets.

Fifth is The Museum. Sets I'm attached to, with a story to them. Since many of them are out of print, I avoid playing with them to avoid losing any. These include sets from older versions of D&D, Chessex test sets, Q-Workshop colours and patterns no longer made, and such.

Sixth is The Vault. Completed OOP sets I'm not attached to, which I'd happily trade for other complete sets, or occasionally sell.

Seventh is The Vase. Sometimes I'll acquire a collection, or pick up some dice at an event, and not like all of them enough for any of the other collections. Those go into the Vase, a large glass jar. That is not to say the Vase is without merit! I have picked full sets of dice from 1990's D&D boxes from there because I hadn't realised what they were beforehand.

There you have it. an overview of my collection. Please note a lot of the pictures are a little older, and often also just show part of that section.
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