Terms of service


Article 1 - Definitions
Article 2 - Identity of the vendor
Article 3 - Applicability
Article 4 - The offer
Article 5 - The agreement
Article 6 - Right of return
Article 7 - Costs in case of returns
Article 8 - Pricing
Article 9 - Guarantee
Article 10 - Delivery
Article 11 - Payment
Article 12 - Complaints
Article 13 - Disputes
Article 14 - Additional or modified terms

Article 1 - Definitions

To these terms the following definitions apply:

  1. Withdrawal period: The period during which the customer can make use of their right of return.
  2. Customer: A person entering into a distant selling agreement with the vendor.
  3. Day: One calendar day.
  4. Week: Seven calendar days.
  5. Right of return: The customer's right, within the withdrawal period, to cancel the distant selling agreement.
  6. Vendor: A person or organisation offering products through a distant selling agreement.
  7. Distant selling agreement: An agreement where the customer and vendor do not meet face-to-face, using a system provided by the vendor using one or multiple long-distance communication technologies. For instance: buying through a website.
  8. Long-distance communication technologies: a means of coming to an agreement for which the customer and vendor do not need to meet face-to-face.

Article 2 - Identity of the vendor

Company name: Jack of Dice
Address: Staalweg 1, room 207, 2612 KK, Delft, the Netherlands
Phone number: (+31) 6 21 666 120, available weekdays from 10:00 to 16:00
Email: shop@jackofdice.nl
Chamber of Commerce registration: 56965494
VAT number: NL 0015 720 08 B33

Article 3 - Applicability

  1. These terms and conditions apply to each offer made by the vendor and each distant selling agreement between the vendor and customer.

Article 4 - The offer

  1. When an offer is only available for a limited amount of time or is subject to specific terms, this will be clearly stated in the offer.
  2. The offer includes a complete and accurate description of the products and/or services offered. The description is detailed enough to allow the customer to judge the offer. If the vendor uses images, these are an accurate portayal of the offered products and/or services. Evident mistakes or errors do not obligate the vendor.
  3. Each offer contains the information neccessary for the customer to understand the rights and obligations that come with accepting the offer. These are mainly:
    • the price, including taxes;
    • the possible costs of delivery;
    • the way in which the agreement will be made and the actions that are required for that to happen;
    • whether or not the right to revoke is applicable;
    • the manner of payment, delivery and execution of the agreement; the period of time for acceptance of the offer, or the period within which the vendor guarantees the price;
    • whether or not the completed agreement is archived, and if so, in which way it can be consulted by the customer;
    • the way in which the customer, before completing the agreement, can check, and if so desired, change, the data they provided in the context of the agreement;
    • the possible other languages, besides Dutch, in which the agreement can be made;
    • the code of conduct to which the vendor has subjected themselves and the electronical way in which the customer can consult this code.

Article 5 - The agreement

  1. The agreement comes into effect the moment the customer accepts the offer and meets the set requirements, under condition of the terms stated under Article 4.
  2. When the customer has accepted the offer through electronic means, the vendor will confirm without delay the acceptance of the offer. As long as the acceptation of the offer has not been confirmed by the vendor, the customer can dissolve the agreement.
  3. When the agreement comes into being through electronic means, the vendor will take fitting technical and organisational measures to secure the electronic transfer of data and will provide a safe web environment. The vendor will also apply fitting safety measures for electronic payments.
  4. The vendor will, along with the product, supply the customer with the following information, in writing or in such a way that this can be stored by the customer on a long-term information storage device:
    1. The visiting address of the physical location where the customer can approach the vendor with complaints;
    2. The conditions and way the customer can use their right of return, or a clear notification if the right of return does not apply;
    3. Information about the guarantee;
    4. The information listed in article 4 section 3 of these terms and conditions, unless the vendor already provided the customer with this information before fulfilling the agreement.

Article 6 - Right of return

    1. The customer can cancel the agreement, without needing to state a reason, for a period of 14 days. This withdrawal period begins the day after the product is received by the customer or a previously appointed representative of whom the vendor was notified.
    2. Should the customer use their right of return, the product will be returned the the vendor with all supplied accessories and - if reasonably possible - in the original state. This can be done by mail, parcel service or in person.

Article 7 - Costs in case of returns

      1. If the customer uses their right of return, the shipping cost to return the item are theirs to carry.
      2. The amount paid by the customer for the products will be refunded within 14 days of the products having been received by the vendor.
      3. Only in the case of negligence or errors made by the vendor will the cost of shipping for the returm also be refunded.

Article 8 - The price

      1. The prices named in the offers include VAT.

Article 9 - Guarantee

      1. The vendor guarantees the products and/or services fulfil: the agreement, the specifications noted in the offer, and reasonable demands of quality and usability, and the legal and governmental requirements in place on the date of the offer.
      2. A guarantee offered by vendor, manufacturer or importer cannot detract from the legal rights and claims the customer can exact towards the vendor.

Article 10 - Delivery

      1. The vendor will take the utmost care when receiving and executing orders for products and when considering requests for services.
      2. The delivery address will be that of which the customer has informed the vendor.
      3. Taking in mind that which is noted about this in article 4 of these terms and conditions, the vendor will handle orders correctly and quickly, at the latest the next working day unless a longer term of delivery has been agreed on. Should the delivery be delayed, or the order can not be supplied entirely or in part, the customer will be notified of this at the latest the next working day after the order is placed. In such a case, the customer has the right to cancel the agreement at no cost.
      4. In case the agreement is cancelled as described in the previous section, the vendor will refund the amount paid by the customer as quickly as possible, within 30 days of the order being cancelled at the latest.
      5. If it proves to be impossible to deliver an ordered product, the vendor will take the effort of making a replacement product available. At the moment of delivery, at the latest, the customer will be notified in a clear and understandable way that a replacement has been supplied. Replacement items do not revoke the right of return. The shipping costs for a return in this case will be carried by the vendor.
      6. The risk of damage and/or loss of products rests with the vendor until the moment of delivery to the customer or a previously appointed representative known to the vendor, unless other terms have been agreed to.

Article 11 - Payment

      1. Unless otherwise agreed on, amounts owed by the customer must be paid within the 14 days of the withdrawal period noted in article 16 section 1. In the case of a service to be rendered, this period starts after the customer has received the confirmation of the agreement.
      2. With the sale of products to customers, the terms and conditions may never require a downpayment of more than 50%. If a downpayment is agreed on, the customer can not claim any rights regarding the processing of the order or services before the agreed upon prepayment has been paid.
      3. The customer has the responsibility to report errors in supplied or noted payment details, to the vendor immediately.
      4. Should the customer default on their payment, the vendor, barring legal restraints, has the right to charge the customer a reasonable amount in costs of which the vendor will notify the customer beforehand.

Article 12 - Complaints

      1. Complaints can be made through email, or by phone between 10:00 and 16:00 CET on working days, through the ways noted in article 2.
      2. The vendor has a sufficiently publicized complaints policy and will deal with the complaint according to this policy.
      3. Complaints regarding the execution of an agreement must be sent to the vendor, complete and clearly described, within 30 days of the customer noting the defect.
      4. Complaints sent to the vendor will be answered within 14 days of receipt. If a complaint can be judged to need longer than this to address, the vendor will answer within 14 days with a confirmation of receipt and an indication of when the customer may expect a more complete answer.
      5. If the complaint cannot be resolved between the customer and the vendor, it falls under the terms for disputes.

Article 13 - Disputes

      1. Agreements between the vendor and customer which fall under these terms and conditions, fall entirely under the laws of the Netherlands.

Article 14 - Additional or modified terms

There are currently no additional or modified terms