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5e - Tome of Beasts 3

5e - Tome of Beasts 3

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A swarm of wild samples for the 5th edition!

DM: "In the coffin you will find a handful of drinks."
rogue: "Oeh! I'm going to taste it. Let's see what this ... "
DM:" While you're the first one, the drink itself jumps out of the bottle and attaches itself to your face. "
Wizard:" Gosh! I should have listened to my father and become a carpet trader! ”

whether you need creepy tickles to clamber out of your dark fantasy, or more sinister visitors to let your favorite fantasy city come to life; Tome of Beasts 3 has what you are looking for!
From marshes to arctic tundras, mountains to deserts and coastlines to wastelies, each region is fully represented.
Tome of Beasts 3 brings you:
● Void Knights & Breakwater Trolls
● Musk Deer & Fiend Lords ● Prismatic Dragons & Royal Chimeras
● Stained Glass Moths & VoidClaw Zombies
● Tar Golems & Witchwillows
● Kobold Drake Riders & Hellfire Giants

Make players scared and surprised them with a one Whole series of new, exotic and deadly opponents!
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