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5e Tome of Beastst 3, Lairs

5e Tome of Beastst 3, Lairs

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An abandoned Bardencollege flooded with musical instruments comes to life

The hidden sanctuary of a druid filled with exotic, deadly plant beings

An old, once sleeping volcano, awakens and unleashes. In this book you will find These adventures and more!
These 23 in itself standing adventures on one card are made for the 5th edition of the world's first role play and contain new samples from Tome of Beasts 3 from Kobold Press. Perform it as side-quests next to your current campaign or as a one-off change of pace. With adventures that are suitable for heroes of level 1 - 12, there are plenty of dangers - and pandemonium - for everyone!
Please note! To be able to play these adventures you need the following things; -d & d core books ( DMG , mm , PHB ) or the Systems Reference Document 5.1
-The 5th
Tome of Beasts 3 Book

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5e Tome of Beastst 3, Lairs

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