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Animal Adventures - Animals of the faraway Sea

Animal Adventures - Animals of the faraway Sea

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Sail on your next role -play adventure as an awakened animal full of character! From an orangutan craft magician to an albatrosses-wizard, every being is lovingly designed with a classic fantasy-roll game class in mind.

In this box you will find eleven fully assembled, very detailed miniatures ready to be ready to Painting or playing. These animals are compatible with all fantasy rolling games and can be used as player players, companions or trusted people. The choice is yours!

whether you want to explore unusual islands in the Animal Adventures world with The Faraway Sea 5th-compatible source book (available separately), whether these intelligent beings want to add to other fantasy campaigns, the only one Limitation is your imagination!

What's in the box?

Arville, the wizard of the Albatros
Bucky, the rabbit monk
joker, the orangutan tinkermage
Kinya, the baby goat-critical
osric, the ZeeOtter-Cleric
pan, the alpacabard
pepper, the red panda tricker
tambal, the goat paladine
broome, the koala-druid,
Tusk, the pig bare
Whiskers, the foss wizard
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