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Animal Adventures - The Faraway Sea, source book

Animal Adventures - The Faraway Sea, source book

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Experience exciting adventures in the fantastic Faraway Sea.

Greetings, adventurer! In your legs is a source book for the world's favorite role play. Removes your card full of donkey ears and leaves the port for a campaign and setting like no other - The Faraway Sea!

These wonderful waters form the home base of an ever -changing archipelago where unique islands come with the passing of the days and thanks to mysterious magical powers. Perfect for an entrepreneurial explorer like you!

Around the Faraway Sea, a strange community has emerged: the floating city of Flotsam, a refuge for all types of adventurers (and eccentrics). There are intriguing mysteries and incredible discoveries lurking, on two and four legs.
Flotsam, for example, once had a twin brother, Jetsam, who suddenly disappeared without a trace ...

Many exotic creatures call the Faraway Sea their home. During your travels, play as awakened animals of all the breeds, including an orangutan, sea otter, albatros and more!

In this book you will find everything you need to explore the world of Animal Adventures:

Rules for creating your own awakened animal characters
Information, plotks and mysteries
A bestiarum full of villains, samples and potential friends, including 10 new playable animal species and 25 non-playing characters!
6 new Classes and subclasses
11 constantly changing islands to explore, full of adventure, danger and magic
3 exciting adventures to immerse yourself in the world of the distant sea
10 battlemaps and a upper world card
14 New magical items and much, much more!

You can use this book to start a completely new role play campaign or to add the Faraway Sea to existing campaigns. What are you waiting for? Hijens the mainsail, hoist it anchor! The distant sea is waiting ...
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