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Aurora Lights Meteor

Aurora Lights Meteor

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Meteor has a teal green colorshift with hints of a purple base. Depending on the intensity of the light and the angle at which you look at, this set ranges from green to purple and pink shimmer in a dark and muted way. In certain light the base seems like a milky gray.

Aurora Lights is a collection of acrylic Aurora Borealis style dice, using galaxy/chameleon pigments. Each set has a unique look to it due to the variations in density of the pigment.

This is a 7 Piece set containing 1x d20, 1x d12, 1x d10, 1x d%, 1x d8, 1x d6 and 1x d4 dice. The 20 on the d20 is replaced with the Eclipse Dice logo.

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