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Battle Scarred - Dark Souls RPG - Core Rulebook (incl. PDF)

Battle Scarred - Dark Souls RPG - Core Rulebook (incl. PDF)

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The cover of the book has minor damages in the corners and one of the corners is dented. The book can be used normally, however, all the pages are okay.

Powered by fifth-edition rules and enriched with unique Dark Souls™ mechanics, Dark Souls™: The Roleplaying Game draws on the deep lore and award-winning gameplay of the desolate video games to create a unique roleplaying experience.

Inside the hardback core book is everything you need to create gripping roleplaying campaigns set in the sinister Dark Souls™ universe.

What’s in the Book?

•Complete fifth edition rules enriched with unique Dark Souls™ mechanics designed for authentic campaigns
•10 bespoke new character classes for Dark Souls™ character creation, including incredible new abilities, sinister new character backgrounds and more
•Brand new magic system complete with devastating spells, pyromancies, and blessings
•Introductory chapter filled with tips and advice on running roleplaying games that capture the spirit of Dark Souls™
•Ruined world of Lothric, waiting for you to explore
•Full bestiary teeming with Dark Souls™ creatures

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