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Half-Orc Barbarian, female. Axe & Shield - Deep Cuts

Half-Orc Barbarian, female. Axe & Shield - Deep Cuts

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Half orcs are humanoids born of both human and ORC descent in many different ways. With the combined physical power of their Orkese ancestors with the agility of their people are half Orcs formidable individuals. Although they often in for various reasons Both human and orcical society are avoided half Orcs proven themselves from time to time as worthy heroes and Dangerous villains. Their existence implied an interesting back story that most people would not like to think about.
Half Orks are on average somewhere between 1.75 - 1.93 meters high and weigh usually about 70 - 102 kg, making them slightly larger and stronger Then people on average. Most half orcs have a grayish skin, excellent jaws, prominent teeth, a sloping forehead and coarse body hair, so that they distinguish themselves from their human brothers, although their fangs are considerably smaller than the tusks of a thorough ork.

barbarians are powerful warriors who rely on their strength and incredible toughness, characterized by a beastly anger confirmed by ancestral totems and nature spirits or an inner passion for violence. Barbarian are less versatile than hunters, but are more difficult and able to Much faster damage to their enemies. Only those who embrace the wild and original ways of anger, can rightly call themselves a barbarian and penetrate them with a Wild spirit that is not found with most warriors.
Barbarians have a reputation, perhaps not completely deserved, as reckless villain and wild nuisance that unnecessarily disrupt society chaos. Barbarians, although undoubtedly wild and unpredictable by the nature because of their anger are not necessarily uncivilized Bruten. Time and again barbarians prove their cunning and ingenuity, As well as their pure physical strength and endurance. Sometimes, despite Their aversion to an organized order, barbarians even show honor.

1 inch basis for size, model comes with a base layer and can be painted immediately.

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Half-Orc Barbarian, female. Axe & Shield - Deep Cuts

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