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Townspeople & Accessories - Deep Cuts

Townspeople & Accessories - Deep Cuts

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Don't feel like all those loose blisters with miniatures? Or just want to be able to put a whole market in 1x? Wizk! DS has this!

Please note: the loose tools are not in the photo, which is so small that we were afraid of looking for them.

This set contains the following parts: 1 x Male Smid
1 x female Smid
1 x male actor
1 x female actress < Br> 1 x male simple seller
1 x female simple trader < Br> 1 x male thief
1 x female skinner/tanner << Br> 1 x female sheriff
1 x male bailiff
1 x male diplomat
1 x male monk/brother
1 x female fisherman
1 x Bandit with crossbow
< /Span> 1 x bandite with dagger
1 x male pirate
1 x female pirate
1 x male executioner
1 x male assistant
1 x Harnas
1 x Smidse
1 x Kolenberg for Smidse (with lighting!)
2 x Tang
2 x Market shields
1 x hollowed -out trunk
1 x Treasure Pile (for the hollowed -out trunk)
1 x lid for the hollowed -out trunk
1 x tanning rack
1 x scraping board
1 bag of bases to set up your miniatures

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Townspeople & Accessories - Deep Cuts

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