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Townspeople & Accessories - Deep Cuts

Townspeople & Accessories - Deep Cuts

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Deep Cuts Miniatures come with highly detailed figures, ready to use and ready to paint straight out of the box. These fantastic miniatures are deeply carved for easier painting.

No assembly required, ready to paint, may contain translucent parts.

Please note: the tools are not in the photo, they are so small that we were afraid of loosing them.

This set contains the following parts: 1 x Male Smid
1 x female Smid
1 x male actor
1 x female actress < Br> 1 x male simple seller
1 x female simple trader < Br> 1 x male thief
1 x female skinner/tanner << Br> 1 x female sheriff
1 x male bailiff
1 x male diplomat
1 x male monk/brother
1 x female fisherman
1 x Bandit with crossbow
< /Span> 1 x bandite with dagger
1 x male pirate
1 x female pirate
1 x male executioner
1 x male assistant
1 x Harnas
1 x Smidse
1 x Kolenberg for Smidse (with lighting!)
2 x Tang
2 x Market shields
1 x hollowed -out trunk
1 x Treasure Pile (for the hollowed -out trunk)
1 x lid for the hollowed -out trunk
1 x tanning rack
1 x scraping board
1 bag of bases to set up your miniatures
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