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D&D Dragonlance, Shadow of the Dragon Queen

D&D Dragonlance, Shadow of the Dragon Queen

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Get against the dragon armies in this adventure for the world's greatest role play.

Takhisis The Drakenkoningin has returned to the world of Krynn. Throughout the country, her armies of fanatic Draconians have a ruthless war of conquest.
While the dragon armies march to the unprepared Land Solamnia, only the defenders of the city of Kalaman stand in the way. But the dragon armies want to crush more than just their enemies. An old evil in the service of the dragon queen is looking for a magical weapon that Krynn could dominate forever.

Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen is a story about conflict and resistance that takes place during the legendary War of the Lance . Create characters from Krynn, the world of the Dragonlance environment, and then march them to the front lines of the fight against the terrifying dragon armies.
Optionally, use the Dragonlance: Warriors or Krynn-sign to you To bring Dungeons & Dragon's game.

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D&D Dragonlance, Shadow of the Dragon Queen

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