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Hourglass Coven - D&D Wild Beyond the Witchlight

Hourglass Coven - D&D Wild Beyond the Witchlight

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The Hourglass Coven is a group of three witches, each bound by an aspect of time: one reflects the past, the other reflects the present and the third reflects the future. These witches are rotten to the bone, driven by a feast for secrets that can be used to manipulate their prey.

The witches hate each other's company, but one witch will occasionally visit another one To swear together against the third sister, creating a vicious circle in which Bavlorna and Endelyn conspiracy against Skabatha, Endelyn and Skabatha conspirating against Bavlorna, and Skabatha and Bavlorna cheating Endelyn. However, much of these small conspiracies and arguments never ends up.

sculpted by Greg Clavilier.

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