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Dungeons & Lasers - Animal Companions

Dungeons & Lasers - Animal Companions

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With claws and legs, tails and feathers - Animal Companions travels with you to the darkest dungeons!
With 24 unique miniatures, this is the ultimate set of animal lovers for every RPG and Tabletop game. Just put your favorite animal together and then your paladine, beastmaster or druid is ready to go!

If you are a fan of surprises: we've added three mimics to give your players something to get along Going during the plungering the dungeons.
And yes, we should not forget the ultimate characters: a goblin and a dragon. Animal Companions has everything. Now they only need an adventurer! Yes, we look at you!

box contains:- 1 assembly manual- 24 multi-part miniatures with picturesque bases included: Gustav the Eagle, Cornelle the Cat, Dexter the Dog, Robin the Fox, Malik the Monkey, Cecile the Weasle, Geralt the Wolf, Brienne the Bear, Myrtle the Turtle, Snark the Spark (Dragon) & Paulo Owelo, three Mimics and Roblin the Goblin.

Almost every animal comes in 2 variants; A semi classic fantasy miniature and a more modern twist that is good to use for Science Fiction of Shadowrun.

- Basic size 25 mm
- Model Scale 28mm
- Multi-part plastic
- All models are supplied unpaved and unassided
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