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Fate Condensed RPG (incl. PDF)

Fate Condensed RPG (incl. PDF)

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Fate Condensed is a compact, stand-alone version of the Fate Core system, streamlined for clarity and reference sake.

fate condensed gives you easy to understand rules in as few pages as possible, so that you can quickly reach the table Sit down and throw the dice. It contains a few simple refinements on the Fate Core engine, sharpened for a decade of active play and development.
And the best of all is that it is 100% compatible with all our 90+ Fate products that have already been published.
Fate veterans will appreciate the concise layout, small refinements and additions to Fate's rules (see below for the details).

New at Fate? Fate Condensed can control any game, any scenario that you can imagine. Let your creativity run free! The flexible rules of Fate make it easy for you.

You can adjust your favorite film or TV series or create an original world that is unique tailored to your group. Players populate that world with proactive, capable characters who lead a dramatic life. The Game Master challenges them with exciting sessions that have to do with both the world and their personal problems.

Fate Condensed gives you the flexibility and power to bring your vision to life!
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