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Gurps 4e - Spaceships

Gurps 4e - Spaceships

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GURPS Spaceships

Room . . . it is big, cold and dark. You need a vehicle. You need a spaceship.

GURPS Spaceships presents a simple design system that minimizes the math and maximizes your options. Choose a hull, fill it with components and you're done. Size is not an obstacle. . . it only takes a few minutes to build even the largest starship. All of this comes with ground rules for space travel and combat, so you're good to go!

Later installments in the series will add new components and options that allow you to customize ships and their roles for your campaign. Traders, Liners, and Transports provides trade rules and answers "How do I pay for a ship?" Warships and Pirates covers naval operations and piracy, expanding the Spaceships core system with hex-based tactical maneuvers and combat for use with counters or miniatures. Fighters, carriers, and mecha bring more detail to dogfights, from small but nimble fighters to the carriers that bring them into battle. Exploration and Colony Spacecraft provides information on ships designed to explore the stars, plus information on expeditions and exploration hazards. Mining and Industrial Spacecraft gives new design options and details on spacecraft designed to tap the economic potential of the void. Diverse and psychic technology expands ship construction options with unusual and anomalous starship design options - ships can harness the power of magic, steam or life! Transhuman Spacecraft converts the ships and design considerations from the Transhuman Space setting, including information on how to incorporate those craft into alternate campaigns.
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