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Human Barbarian, male, met schild - Nolzur's

Human Barbarian, male, met schild - Nolzur's

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Barbarians are powerful warriors who rely on their strength and incredible toughness, characterized by a beastly anger that is ratified by ancestral totems and nature spirits or an inner passion for violence. Barbarians are less versatile than hunters, but are tougher and can damage their enemies much faster. Only those who embrace the wild and original ways of anger can rightly call themselves a barbarian and give them a wild spirit that does not occur with most warriors.
barbarians have a reputation, perhaps not completely deserved, as reckless villains And fierce nuisance that unnecessarily disrupting society by chaos. However, barbarians, although undoubtedly wild and unpredictable by nature because of their anger, are not necessarily uncoupled Bruten. Time and again barbarians prove their cunning and ingenuity, as well as their pure physical strength and endurance. Sometimes barbarians, despite their aversion to an organized order, even honor.

1 inch base for scale, miniature is ready to paint immediately

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Human Barbarian, male, met schild - Nolzur's

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