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Earth Genasi Fighter, male - Nolzur's

Earth Genasi Fighter, male - Nolzur's

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Beautiful resin miniatures of the Wizkids line Nolzur's Marvelous miniatures
An Earth Genasi, also known as a Genasi Earthsoul, is a kind of Genasi that is able to use the power of the earth.

Earth Genasi come in Many physical forms and appearances for. Many have clear characteristics of the elementary plane of the earth, such as angular characteristics or stone -shaped skin, but others have earthly characteristics that stand out less.

Earth Genasi are usually born from the association between a DAO and a humanoid, from Two Earth Genasi, or from humanoid parents with a Dao somewhere in their origin. They can also be the result of exposure to basic energy.

An Earth Genasi has DarkVision and can walk without a trace.
They say that the earth speaks to them and that they can talk back. < br>
1inch base for size, miniatures come with a base layer and are ready to be painted.
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