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Yuan-Ti Purebloods - Nolzur's

Yuan-Ti Purebloods - Nolzur's

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Purebloods are the most human of all true Yan -Ti and one of the three main races - the other two are the half -blooded and the horrors.

PureBloods are described as human -like but with reptile -like characteristics, such as snake -like eyes, a forked tongue and scales on their skin. Although not as powerful as other Yuan-Ti forms, Purebloods still have psionic forces.

Like all Yuan-Ti, they can change their bodies in the form of a viper with willpower alone and they can feel the presence of a poison nearby. They also have a congenital resistance to magic. They may not be as intelligent as half -blooded, they are still proud that they are on average more intelligent than people.

The psionic forces of Purebloods include the ability to enchant other people, to be able to hold the attention of animals, cause fear, to create darkness and to order plants to entitle opponents. Purebloods are very skilled in mimicing people and often enter human settlements in disguise as spies.
1 inch base for size, miniatures come with a base layer and can be painted immediately.
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