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Star Trek Adventures - Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide

Star Trek Adventures - Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide

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Into the unknown!

The Shackleton Expanse campaign guide for the Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game presents an exciting, completely new area of ​​the Beta Kwadrant to explore: the Shackleton Expanse. Inside, countless miracles and mysteries, including strange spatial phenomena, await those lifesters and spaceship sensors, old alien technologies that are powerful enough to move or erase whole galaxies, dangerous new species to encounter, and much more! Discover strange worlds! A detailed Sandbox environment, with the Shackleton Expanse and Starbase 364 as the center, the only jointly run Federation-Klingon-Star Ren base.

Find new life and new civilizations! Five new playable alien species, including the Orions and four species that are unique for the Shackleton Expanse.

Go fearlessly to places where no one has been yet! An epic 10-part campaign that covers the original series and the next generation periods, with the mysterious tilical.

*guidance in creating your own stories that take place in the Shackleton Expanse and beyond, about one century or more of the Star Trek timeline. *A large selection of NPCs found in and near the Expanse, including the commandostaf of starbase 364 and many new life forms.*Starship statistics for 'hero' ships and NPC space vessels of a variety of exotic species, both new and well-known.
*Historical fragments, personal logs and intercepted communication, which offer new perspectives on events related to the Shackleton Expanse.
*All content can be adjusted for use with groups of groundbreaking starfleet officers or fearless Klingon-Gijgers.
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