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Dwarf Soldier - Starfinder Miniatures

Dwarf Soldier - Starfinder Miniatures

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Dwarfs are a stocky breed, about a foot shorter than people, with wide, heavy frames. Dwarfs reduce their heritage to the missing planet Golarion, but for them this is not only a matter of history, but identity - they were forged in the oven of Golarion's underground passages and many dwarfs born long after the planet had disappeared, still feel stitches From his loss, kept alive in Dwarven Song and legend.

Dwarves are usually found at Absalom Station, where their guilds and clans have a considerable power, or on Star-Citadel ships of city format. Many dwarfs are attracted to asteroid mining, with Star Citadels usual in the diaspora.

This miniature still needs to be put together, has no base layer and is unpainted.

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Dwarf Soldier - Starfinder Miniatures

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