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Starfinder: the Threefold Conspiracy 2 - Flight of the Sleepers

Starfinder: the Threefold Conspiracy 2 - Flight of the Sleepers

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The Threefold Conspiracy - part 2 of 6

Nenauuwernig escapes a damned transport The heroes are trapped in a bizarre investigative facility that came under attack. Just like the other subjects from this crumbling lab, the heroes must be the first to flee. While they are fighting against strange technology and released experiments, the heroes come across the elite stewards agents who perform the robbery, who turn out to be allies and potential rescuers. However, the stewards have a mission and they recruit the heroes to finish it. In addition, the heroes discover a piece of the truth and many more questions that need to be answered!

'Flight of the Sleepers' is a Starfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for four characters from the Level 3. This adventure continues the Threefold Conspiracy Adventure Path, a six -part, monthly campaign in which the heroes cancel the machinations of treacherous alien beings infiltrated in galactic society. This book also contains an article that describes the enigmatic grays, an overview of the most theoretical science and a choice of new and foreign samples.

Each full-color Softcover monthly edition of Starfinder Adventure Paths contains a new episode of A series of interconnected science-fantasy adventures that together create a fully developed plot of compelling scale and epic challenges. Each 64 -page part of the Starfinder Adventure Path also contains in -depth articles that describe the setting of Starfinder in detail and extensive and new rules, a large number of exciting new samples and alien varieties, a new planet to explore and spaceship to control, And more!
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