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Starstruck Transformation

Starstruck Transformation

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Transformation is a hot pink, with a bright pink translucent swirl dice set. Available in gold and silver ink options.

The Starstruck collection is Eclipse Dice's first collection of polyhedral dice. These lovely polyhedral dice were inspired by the beautifully colored backgrounds of one of the most influential anime series of the 90s: Sailor Moon.

We wanted to create shimmery, swirly dice that captured the joy and spark that this anime brought to us. The design features opaque swirls in a shimmery translucent base. The darker the color of the translucent part, the less translucent it will be.

This is a 10 Piece set containing 2x d20, 1x d12, 1x d10, 1x d%, 1x d8, 2x d6 and 1x d4 dice. One d20 features the Eclipse Dice logo on the 20, the other is a standard d20.


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