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Townsfolk Miniature Pack - Dungeons & Lasers

Townsfolk Miniature Pack - Dungeons & Lasers

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The box contains 62 townsfolk miniatures with scenic bases, including:

1x Grave Digger, 1x Merchant, 1x Innkeeper
1x Tavern Maid, 1x Blacksmith, 1x Noble Man
1x Noble Lady, 1x Scholar, 1x Male Dwarf
1x Washerwoman, 1x Child with a Cape
1x Elf Wizard, 1x Knight Lady, 1x Beggar
1x Peddler, 1x Rat Folk, 1x Construct
1x Tommy the Ghost, 1x Snake Charmer
1x Dwarf Woman, 1x Armand
2x Mounted Guard A, 2x Female Mounted Guard B
2x Mounted Guard C, 2x Swordsman A
2x Swordsman B, 2x Swordsman C
2x Swordsman D, 2x Female Swordsman E
2x Swordsman F, 2x Pole Guard A
2x Pole Guard B, 2x Pole Guard C
2x Pole Guard D, 2x Pole Guard E
2x Female Pole Guard F, 2x Ranged Guard A
2x Ranged Guard B, 2x Female Ranged Guard C
2x Ranged Guard D, 2x Ranged Guard E

All models come unpainted and unassembled!
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