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UP - D&D Player's Handbook premium book cover, Silver

UP - D&D Player's Handbook premium book cover, Silver

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throw a protective layer on your dear D&D source books with the Premium Book Cover for Dungeons & Dragons.

The textured artificial leather cover has a sturdy protective layer for both the front and Back of the book, while it remains flexible with the binding for ease of use. Simply slide the back in the back pocket and use the elastic band at the front to keep the front open or to keep the book closed by pulling it over the backs.

easily refer to important pages that are marked With 5 attached and color -coded ribbons (black, red, blue, purple and white). Premium Book Covers fit beautifully with other Ultra Pro premium accessories for Dungeons & Dragons.

Each book cover is equipped with embroidered labels on the binding and the classic D&D Ampersand on the front, each supplemented with stitching in matching colors. The format is suitable for both vintage and current books, this is the ultimate upgrade for every party member, DM or D&D enthusiast
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