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Welcome to the Business to Business section

Though we are not a wholesaler, Jack does occasionally find themselves with more dice than we can sell through retail. Such items are offered through this section.

Registering for a B2B account

Fill out our VAT form here to apply.

We'll run your VAT number through VIES to confirm your status, after which we will email you the wholesale discount code and set your account as Tax Exempt (for EU customers outside the Netherlands).

Wholesale discount and requirements

The wholesale discount is 75% off of our retail pricing, only applies to items from the B2B section, and only when a minimum of € 800,- is ordered from this section (before the discount, so € 200,- after the discount).

Of course you can absolutely order other dice to be shipped along with the B2B order (we're dice collectors too, we understand!), but these will not be discounted, nor will they count towards the minimum order.

You can enter the wholesale discount code at checkout.

A note on Eclipse Dice packaging

We cannot guarantee undamaged packaging for Eclipse Dice.

Most Eclipse Dice are packaged in a PLA bag with bag header. PLA is compostable (in an industrial composter) and not made from oil, but unfortunately tears very easily.

Of course, we'll happily replace any missing dice!

Dice for Dice

Do you find yourself in a situation like ours, with more dice than you can sell? Perhaps sales from last year's Kickstarter have dropped off, you'd like to expand your selection more quickly, or just need to clear storage space? Then please mail us at to set up a Dice for Dice deal!

We're looking for polydice sets which cannot be found through regular channels, at a 1:1 dice for dice exchange rate, for example 100 7-dice sets for 70 10-dice sets. We each pay for our own shipping and any duty fees.

These can either be sold through our shop, under your own brand if you'd prefer that, or they may be sold through our blind bags (Mimic eggs) without branding.

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